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5017 South University Avenue

Little Rock, AR 72209

501.562.0064 or 501.562.2950 (fax)

Little Rock's Only Full Service Car Audio Shop.

Open 9-5 Tuesday thru Saturday

Sorry, we're closed Sundays and Mondays

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This is our good friend, Peter Read's magazine, available all over Arkansas


We do nation wide Pioneer Car Audio warranty work

Our technician, Howard Burris is the best we've ever seen, or heard of.




Overview by the Owner, B. .J. Latting


Since Nov. 1, 1979, we've been selling and installing some of the world's best car audio and security systems. We've seen the industry grow from 8-track tape decks to the current high tech state that we all live in today. Our store started small, grew huge, and now we're back to just one big happy store. We like it that way.
We're not like the usual car stereo store. Yes, we have all the latest gear and facilities. But, what makes us different is we try hard to be friendly, and listen to you, our loyal customers. Without you, we're nothing. We say yes!, when others say no.

Mac Thompson, the Manager

You deal directly with us. The manager, Mac Thompson has been heavily involved with car stereos even before the store was started. He was the first guy I ever installed a really big system for. He's had more big systems than anybody I know of. And everyone of them came from Arkansas Car Stereo! You can be assured that we know car stereos and alarms. After all, that's all we do!

We have the knowledge to match the right Subs with the right amps. If you will let us help, we can almost always get double the power from the amp! That means you'll get 1000 watt performance from 500 watt amps! With our custom slot-ported enclosures, one ten inch woofer will slam any other two twelve inch design! The same holds true for any size woofer. One of our installers set the state record of 167db with just one twelve inch Rockford!


This is the unit BJ uses in his Explorer

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Pioneer's new AVIC-Z2

The next generation of the ultimate in HDD navigation and multimedia is here. Pioneer's AVIC-Z2 is a double-DIN size, all-in-one system equipped with a 30GB hard disk drive (HDD) to deliver information, entertainment, and convenience on the road. Between the Z2's ultra-fast processing and the massive Tele Atlas database offering 12 million points of interest, getting where you need to be has never been so easy. And with a built-in HDD music library, DVD playback on the large 7-inch display, and iPod direct control expansion, the Z2 ensures that you'll be entertained every minute along the way.



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Lines we stock, but we can order just about anything!


You get it all, only from the pros at Arkansas Car Stereo!


What's new?

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An old friend has returned! Clifford is without doubt the best auto security in the world. Plus, we are the world's oldest Clifford dealer. Almost Four years ago, Clifford was acquired by Directed Electronics. They're the manufacturer of Viper alarms. That's when we bailed. But, Clifford is not only being supported by DEI, they are actually updating with new Clifford G5 technology. During this time, we've been selling AutoPage, and they make a good product, but Clifford is simply a cut above. Finally, we have real security for real crime!

Remember, an auto security system is only as good as it's installation.

You'll always get the very best installations from us.